Web Design

Clean and consistent web design is something any company should strive for when taking their products and/or services to the internet.

Since the internet gives you so much more exposure than just a brick and mortar store, you will want to be sure your web site accurately represents what you and your brand are all about.  If you have a storefront, you likely have creative elements such as a logo and colors to get you started.  If not, consider what you offer and/or what would appeal to your customer as a source of inspiration.

My own web design experience began about 10 years ago with helping adapt an established catalog brand to the internet age, translating the look and feel of the catalog to the internet.

Internet users have become much more savvy over the years, giving way to greater flexibility with rich content on web sites, but the following are still three of the most important criteria for effective design:

  1. Consistency of brand – look and feel
  2. Clear messaging about what is being offered
  3. Compelling call to action

Wait, messaging?  Isn’t that considered writing?  Yes, it is.  Design and marketing copywriting go hand in hand.  And, I just happen to do and advise on both.

Have questions about web design or internet copywriting? Call 843-564-2030 or fill out the contact form below:


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