One of the Worst EVER eMarketing Mistakes

Anti-relevance.  And, I know it’s not just me who thinks this!

I’ve long stressed the importance of relevance to the budding eCommerce designers, developers, and marketers I’ve managed. It’s what most online marketers now think of as common sense, especially with the advent of paid search and getting folks to what they are searching for at all costs.

One area where so many websites still drop the ball is once the customer gets to the site, regardless of how or why, they must even be taken to relevant pages WITHIN the site when clicking around.  Seems like that would make sense, yes?  However, so often, the homepage of a website will show a picture of a flashy, attention-getting product, but with NO WAY TO GET TO THAT PRODUCT.  As a consumer, if I see a picture that catches my eye, and that picture is clickable, I expect to end up at a page that contains that item, explains more about it, and/or allows its purchase.


If I were to click on the flaming pink guitar, you’d think I’d see it on the resulting page… but no.  It’s nowhere to be found.

category page:

resulting page:
So, food for thought when designers are putting together the page.  Just because an item is flashy and attention getting doesn’t mean it’s always the best choice for a teaser.  If it’s nowhere to be found for sale, it’s likely to generate more customer frustration than interest!